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11 AI Based Healthcare App You can Consider Using to Monitor Your Health!

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In the world that we live in today, we are constantly surrounded by artificial intelligence (AI) more than we know. AI technology has been widely adopted in many aspects of our lives, from using it for entertainment to using it for security purposes. It has been a game-changer for many industries, and healthcare is no exception! By providing tools that can rapidly analyse large amounts of data, AI can help to improve everything from diagnosis and treatment plans to population health management.

Hence, it can be said that AI has played a major role in propelling the current trend of mobile healthcare initiatives. Thanks to AI-enabled tools, digital healthcare platforms are now able to offer a wide range of services that were previously unavailable or impractical. As well as being able to provide patients with more personalized care, app-based appointments, remote patient monitoring, and many more, AI is helping to make healthcare more convenient and accessible than ever before.

With the growing number of mobile healthcare applications that can provide insights into our health and wellbeing, here are 11 AI-enabled mobile healthcare applications that you can consider using to monitor your health:

General Health App

1. ADA Just like how a personalised healthcare companion would be, ADA is able to provide information regarding your symptoms, guide on what to do next, as well as an information database about the different conditions and treatments. Think of it as a pocketable mobile version of Baymax! Their symptom checker and questions are run by their AI technology, which assesses the symptoms you keyed in and delivers a personalised health report. To make it patient-friendly, ADA has a separate symptom checker profile feature that allows you to enter and monitor the symptoms of your loved ones too. As you know, health information may sometimes get a little difficult or too much to understand, hence ADA doctors’ condition library feature is able to draw comprehensive and understandable information out for patients. App Store | Google Play

2. Babylon

Photo by Babylon

Similar to ADA, Babylon acts like an AI-enabled personal healthcare assistant and platform for users to monitor any health concerns. On top of that, Babylon provides users with all-day every day 24/7 access to care, the ability to book a video appointment with a healthcare provider, as well as provide digital health tools and information. This means that you will be able to be updated with the latest news regarding your health and have your symptoms assessed almost immediately! However, only users who have selected health plans are able to book a video appointment for free, and those without can only access Babylon’s AI-powered symptom checker and health check. To make it patient-friendly, Babylon makes sure that you have the luxury of grabbing your medication anytime you like by providing you the service of sending your prescription to any pharmacy of your choice. Known for their Babylon 360 healthcheck, this special feature allows you to understand and learn about your physical, mental, and sexual wellbeing on a deeper level. App Store | Google Play

3. Sensely

Photo by Sensely

Sensely is a telehealth app that has a customisable virtual nurse that is able to provide an empathy-driven conversational platform for users. A tactic used to further increase your personalised healthcare journey with an AI-powered tool, while allowing the app to draw better insights and data about your health. Like what a human nurse would do for their patients, Sensely’s virtual nurse does the same thing! Responses and results are then recorded by the AI nurse and directed back to physicians. If an emergency is noted, your virtual nurse will notify you before booking an appointment. Sensely's user-friendly interface and personalisation feature help to make sure that your online experience is almost as good as visiting an actual doctor. Other additional features that Sensely is recognised for, are the abundance of medical information available in the app and the convenience of applying for insurance when you need to! App Store | Google Play

4. Symptomate Symptomate is an AI-powered healthcare app that is designed to help users track their symptoms and understand their wellbeing better. All you have to do is to enter your symptoms into their AI symptom checker which has a 93% accuracy and answer some simple questions. With that, Symptomate can help you identify the cause of your symptoms, recommend what to do next based on its expertise in the area and even suggest lab tests. There’s even a user-friendly digital human anatomy map that Symptomate has included in their application that will allow you to identify which body part they are concerned with! This map function will follow up with any available information about that particular region to let you gain a better understanding of your health and well-being. App Store | Google Play

5. Healthily

Photo by Healthily

With a clean and straightforward interface, Healthily is a self-care app that encourages you to manage your health and wellbeing. Featuring their very own friendly confidential AI chatbot called DOT, you can now turn to for health assessment, tips, and guides. For further health assessment, you are able to check your symptoms via Healthily's Smart Symptom Checker which requires users to answer a few questions. Healthily is also known for its customisable health tracker function that lets you set your goals with visual progress while monitoring your health conditions. To encourage and aid you with your health journey, Healthily makes sure that you can access vetted medically correct information, products, and services. Taking it a step further, Healthily even has its own journal feature in its app for those who wish to take note of other health symptoms. Unfortunately, all these great features are only available to users at a small price and the only free available feature is Healthily Web's Smart Symptom Checker. App Store | Google Play Skin and Hair Health App

6. SkinVision Working with world-renowned dermatologists, SkinVision is committed to helping you stay safe by encouraging you to seek help from the right doctor once you notice unusual-looking skin patches. Supported by an AI algorithm with 95% accuracy in identifying potential skin cancer, SkinVision is able to curate personalised skin health reports and recommendations. If a risk is detected, SkinVision will prompt and notify you to seek help from a doctor. SkinVision can also remind you to retake the assessment and monitor any changes if needed. It is also an informational platform to learn more about the various skin conditions. Do note that SkinVision is a premium, paid-for medical service, and there are only certain free features that you are able to use such as their risk profile, skin type quizzes, and a few others. However, if you have been covered by one of SkinVision’s partners, you might be granted the eligibility to use SkinVision for free or with a discount! App Store | Google Play

7. CureSkin

Photo by CureSkin

For those looking for a coherent AI-technology-powered app that covers skin and hair care, CureSkin is just the app for you. With a direct and simple user-friendly interface, CureSkin's goal is to solve any of your skin and hair dilemmas, from acne to dark spots, pigmentation, and many others, you name it. The CureSkin app has a high-accuracy skin analysis tool that allows users to get a free analysis report within 2 minutes just by taking a picture of their skin area of concern. Each report would be assigned to CureSkin's own expert dermatologists for them to build you a personalised skincare routine and a treatment kit that will be delivered to your doorstep! Unfortunately, the CureSkin app is only available in India hence for those who are unable to download it, you can try it here. App Store | Google Play

8. Triage Triage is an online platform that helps users to manage and keep track of their skin health by using an AI to detect and monitor skin conditions. Triage requires users to take and upload a picture of the skin area of concern before providing up to five most likely conditions and ranking them in order of likelihood. Each list of probable results will include additional information that will allow users to learn and understand more about their potential condition. Amongst the 5 conditions listed in the results, the AI-technology system behind Triage will highlight any potential high-risk condition by circling the resulting number in red, so do keep a lookout for those. Try out Triage's AI skin detection tool on their site.

9. First Derm

Photo by FirstDerm

With the focus of aiding you with your skin concerns, First Derm has real dermatologists to answer your queries within hours while allowing you to remain anonymous. You would have to first snap a picture of your skin with their AI-powered skin analysis tool, and pay a fee starting from $29.95 to be able to get a review for your skin concerns. As 70% of cases only require a simple treatment, First Derm is able to save you the trip down to the doctors by suggesting possible treatment and over-the-counter medication catered to your condition. If it’s found that your skin condition is more serious than it is thought to be, you will be encouraged to see a dermatologist. Which First Derm can also assist by helping you find and get a prioritised appointment within a week with a dermatologist, pediatrician, or pharmacy near you. For those who are unable to download the First Derm mobile application, you can use their web version instead. App Store | Google Play

10. Aysa With the help of Aysa, you can get personalized guidance for any common skin condition. This easy-to-use app is powered by VisualDx to provide a convenient experience that will guide users on what to do next, and provide information that users can use to help their discussion with their healthcare provider. Users just need to take a picture of their area of concern on the skin and answer some follow-up questions. Aysa will proceed to analyse the photos and advice you on what are your next steps. To further cater to your needs, there are 3 aftercare options that users can select from after Aysa analyses the picture. These options include finding products that can aid your current skin condition, speaking to your care provider via the phone, or requesting Aysa to locate the nearest doctor for help. App Store | Google Play Male Genitalia Health App 11. HeHealth

Photo by HeHealth

With so many AI-based healthcare apps being introduced that cater to your general well-being or skin condition, how about one that focuses on male genitalia? HeHealth is the first of its kind in this digital healthcare industry that is designed to assist all penis owners with specifically sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). HeHealth aims to detect genital STDs anonymously and instantly. Simply create an account, snap and submit a picture of your genitalia with the AI-powered symptom checker, and get your results in seconds! HeHealth’s penis symptom checker currently covers 90% of visual penis symptoms like STDs, fungal infections, or penis cancer. To safeguard your identity, HeHealth does not require nor collect any personal information while allowing you to remain completely anonymous and seek the answers you need!


Isn't it amazing how far technology has advanced and the power that AI now has, is able to help us? Even though all the apps mentioned above are supported by AI technology, results from these applications should not be mistaken for a diagnosis. These apps are just one way to encourage and advise people to seek the help they need from doctors or physicians, as well as to educate them on their well-being. There's no substitute for seeking medical attention!

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